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Once Again

I moved once again! Blogging is something I enjoy so much, however I find it quite difficult to get the right aesthetic and WordPress just isn’t doing it for me. So I’ve decided to move back to blogger with a fresh new blog and look. I’m so thankful to ever person that leaves comments and hope that you will all join me in my move. I also felt that a change was necessary after this summer. Thank you so much, Emma xx



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Thinking of saving up for these two babies, I think they’d be so perfect for summer/ sixth form uniform. I didn’t realise it was possible to feel so excited and terrified at the same time but the fact I only have 6 six school weeks left at my current school and no definite places at other schools has given me that exact feeling. I have however completed all of my history controlled assessments, only two more french ones and I’m done! I also won two awards at dance yesterday, just thought you might want to know…


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A wishlist I made, I’m really into light brown, wooden sandals at the moment. Next summer buy me thinks! I’m currently catching up on AW11 shows, I can’t wait until Margaret Howell comes up.

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