1/2) A very lovely surprise birthday present
3) A birthday treat I bought myself from TK Maxx
4) My current favourite dress from the Zara sale

Just when I thought my presents couldn’t get any nicer, my Auntie comes and visits with this! I couldn’t believe it when I opened it! Although I have to establish one thing, however authentic it may look, it is (sadly) in fact an extremely good fake. This did pose a few ethical issues at first, if it was me I would never buy a fake for myself, but as it was a gift and so beautiful I just couldn’t say no! The sunglasses were a little treat I bought for myself once I finished my exams, I just loved the look of them (the fact they were £14 down from £85 also helped). It’s so nice just to be able to do anything without worrying about revision, I’ve been so busy since finishing exams, so far I’ve had induction days, been to exhibitions and currently I’m doing some really great work experience. I also went to the Hop Farm festival which was amazing.



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2 responses to “Tuesday

  1. oh wow, that is a very good fake! don’t feel too bad about it, it was a present after all. i love sales, i’m always the one rummaging in the odds and ends section, aha. but that’s where all the best stuff is! work experience sounds exciting, hope that’s all going well. xxx

  2. that dress is really, the cutest thing ever. i wish i had it.
    great blog, by the way!


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