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Currently feeling; 70s vibes, asymmetric lengths (preferably longer) Swedish influences, sheer fabrics, dip dyed hair, platforms, cut out shirts. When I first saw glimpses of Topshop’s SS11 pieces I wasn’t too impressed. But when I found the full preview at nitro:licious, my love for Swedish fashion and sheer full length skirts was rekindled and I fell in love. I can’t wait to find cut-away shirts and sleeveless dresses in the summer. After what feels like millions of exams of course.


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4 responses to “Wednesday

  1. The outfits are intriguing, but the shoes are consuming, this is minimalism at its best! Great pics.

  2. Lemonzest

    i like the model, i like the photos, i like the outfit, i like the look..

    thanks for sharing


  3. So lovely, Swedish fashion is so inspirational. I love the long drapings, and me too, I can’t wait for summer and sleeveless dresses! Ah and long maxi skirts and wearing white.

  4. um yeah… sorry about that but it wasn’t bright enough for my happy blog šŸ˜‰ Do you like my pointe shoes, pretty cool if you ask me? xxxx

    Second and last photos are amazing… i’m liking her orange nails!

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